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SPOSYNC.COM - Remote Device Streaming with Navigation

SPOSYNC.COM provides webcast, live video event streaming and secure P2P call through web browsers or PWA

Some cases where browsers could not be installed require to build apps for light-weight IoT devices or robots 

These IoT devices, robots and drones not only stream multimedia but also can be controlled with your own custom commands

In order for SPOSYNC.COM to be used as such, please contact support@sposync.com for connecting your devices' GPIOs or serial ports

You can test Pion webRTC peer or client for Ubuntu Desktop by downloading files below including embedded - Raspberry Pi version-ARM

There are four downloads, first one is Pion client-Ubuntu desktop executable based on Golang and the second one is corresponding sh script for long-running purpose, the third one is Pion client-Raspberry pi and the last one is sh script for long-running purpose

Download Pion Client Ubuntu desktop

Download sh script for the Pion Client

Download Pion Client Arm Raspberry pi 3

Download sh script for the Pion Client Arm

When you run the executables, type " ./pionClient -id 'username' " in your folder CLI that the executable resides

The long running script can be run " sh runGo.sh -u 'username' " 

Economic use of bandwidth with optimum@SOHO webRTC P2P Max technology by Future Dimension Inc.

Please note the new feature - Secure P2P Video call, is in service, soon more enhanced ones are coming

Please send email to support@sposync.com if got questions


Future Dimension Inc.

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