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P2P Call and Access

P2P call is confidential and secure video messenger and provides P2P file share feature as well. webRTC data channels enable global access and control so that you navigate your devices such as drones and robots for multimedia streaming. We provide Pion WebRTC Client codes - Golang for you to implement devices control and utilize service.

Instruction - Device Access

free live virtual online event video streaming

Live Event Streaming

You can host live interactive video streaming events and messenger with audiences. Private mode lets you choose audiences by request and your own icons can be registered. Audiences can access to your events through location-event pair when you register. Multiple video devices can be switched and events can be recorded.

Instruction - Live Video Event Streaming

Register Events
free online video ads security camera

Video Ads - Demo

Broadcast your recorded or live Ads from your devices through your browser and streaming utilities or sposync built-in screen share feature. Register your location and corresponding contents infos.

Instruction - WebCast

Host Events

free live virtual online event video streaming

Live Event Streaming - Demo

Share your videos and Ads via point-to-point connection. Search by locations and events keywords. Private mode let you set audience.

Service and Solution is a free service connecting P2P - secure, based on Cloud webRTC mixed Infra with OPTIMUM bandwidth @ SOHO P2P MAX Technology by Future Dimension Inc. Not only for direct free service but also provide solutions for B2B establish their own advanced unified communication soltuions easily.

Efficient use of bandwidth utilizing OPTIMUM bandwidth @ SOHO P2P MAX Technology, thus save power consumption, specially for those who hold a event using their portable device - mobile environment

About Us

Our goal is to provide and to meet all your needs in connecting your devices and wep apps. Equipped with robust up-to-date infras and Python-based development such as Django and Flask, advanced technologies are instantly reflected into our service and solution.

We never collect or store customers data except for connecting purpose between peers - users IDs. We'd like to be your partener for you to increase customer engagement and to build your community.

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You can either comment below or send email to If your robots drones IoT devices are gloablly accessible for control and streaming free, please leave your contacts here or send email to

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